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Coronation Title Sequence

  • London
  • – Commemorative event
  • – Broadcast gfx
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Kate Dawkins Studio was given the exciting opportunity to design a cohesive look that would link the historic broadcast events for the Coronation of King Charles – our approach was to use the official emblem as the basis of our design and concept.

To achieve this we collaborated closely with Sir Jony Ive’s team at LoveFrom. From their print logo we developed a look that used a rich colour palette that symbolised regal celebration and touched on themes of spring and new beginnings. The evolved design suited the variety of events, ranging from the studio commentary, the Westminster Abbey ceremony and the final Sunday night party.

Using Cinema 4D we created a golden three dimensional interpretation of the emblem. The title sequence was brought to life through a series of short animated vignettes, beginning in a dramatic darkened environment which at first showed glimpses of the emblem, and then built to a gentle cinematic reveal of the full emblem glistening in soft spring light. Shafts of light and golden particles were layered to add texture and depth.

We then took the look through to the broadcast graphics; creating lower-thirds for each day, program menus, backgrounds and maps, a full kit of parts for the BBC Studio Events team to use.

Our colour palette was adored by the BBC team who brought it though into the studio set design, Kirsty Young (the host) wardrobe, iplayer assets and Sunday night Concert identity.

  • Client
    BBC Studio Events
  • Video Designer and Director
    Kate Dawkins
  • Senior Producer
    Sharmin Jackson
  • Motion Designer
    Daniel Symons