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YouTube Europe on Stage

  • Brussels
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  • – LED
  • – Set Live
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For the second year running, the studio was commissioned by SET Live to create the screen content for Europe On Stage 2016. The event is an evening of live performance, presentation and entertainment from artists, who owe their success to YouTube. It Demonstrates YouTube’s power as a cultural platform to Europe’s politicians, Key opinion-formers and influencers.

Held again at Brussels’s foremost cultural Institution – Bozar, the staging created by SET Live takes the form of a typical night at the Theatre. Instead of painted flat, high-resolution LED screens form a contemporary take on the traditional proscenium arch.

This was another wonderful opportunity to create beautiful, bold, colourful, graphic content to accompany performances from world-renowned circus performance, OSM (Orchestra of Syrian Musicians) and Yanis Marshall. As well as a typographically driven piece reminiscent of punk fanzines, for Rockin 1000’s rendition of Bowie’s Rebel Rebel. These all played out across the triple layered surfaces. As per last years show, we also created all the content for the speaker sections as well all the branded idents and interstitials throughout the event.

  • Client
    Set Creative
  • Video Designer and Director
    Kate Dawkins
  • Senior Producer
    Ruth Illger
  • Motion Designers
    Martin Stacey, Sam Williams and Kevin Lamb
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