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National Day Ceremony

  • Kazakhstan
  • – show
  • – projection mapping
  • – Balich Worldwide Show
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‘Mangilik El’ was a beautiful and touching historical celebration commissioned by Kazakh President Nazarbaev and the Ministry of Culture for the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate.

Client Balich Worldwide Shows commissioned us to design and deliver over 180 minutes of animated content for this colossal and complex set. This consisted of a giant book, two large circles representing sky and earth, and two large wings that immersed an exclusive audience, including the presidents of neighbouring countries, in an unforgettable experience. The show involved a cast of 5,000 actors and dancers from the nation and 6 camels!

With only 6 weeks to create the content, we worked tirelessly both in London and on-site in Astana to visualise this rich history, from nomadic times to the present day, drawing on the aesthetic of cultural references and national symbols that proliferate throughout the country.

“Kate really has a vision and a real identity…she can create spaces that are full of magic that always has something more than what you would expect”

Lulu Helbaek, Head of Creative Department, Balich Wonder Shows

  • Client
    Balich Wonder Studio
  • Artistic director
    Lida Castelli
  • Video Designer and director
    Kate Dawkins
  • Senior Producer
    Ruth Illger
  • Motion Design
    Partizan Animation
© Balich Wonder Studio. Photography by Luca Parisse.