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The Earthshot Prize Awards 23

  • Singapore
  • – Awards
  • – Broadcast gfx and show visuals
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Creating a contemporary new look for The Earthshot Prize 2023, revitalising the brand for broadcast and creating a stunning opening title sequence that opened the annual ceremony and broadcast.

In its third year, the awards ceremony, produced by Studio Silverback held in Singapore and attended by President and Founder Prince William, commissioned KDS to design and create the opening sequence, broadcast graphics, and show visuals. The concept centered on “big world, small stories,” symbolizing the nominees’ impactful work.

The work seamlessly integrated cinematic film, graphic elements, and dynamic animation to craft an elevated visual narrative, portraying an organic, magical, sophisticated, and dramatic world. Its goal was to capture a sense of optimism and positive change.

The result was a concept and design that resonated with the Gen Z demographic, maintained an elevated and prestigious feel, and exuded the expected magic and glamour for a Sunday night BBC One audience. The graphics seamlessly integrated with the set design, reflecting the vibrancy of Singapore, and delivered an immersive and entertaining experience for the live audience and attending VIPs.

  • Client
    Silverback Productions
  • Director and Executive Producer
    Julia Knowles
  • Video Designer and Director
    Kate Dawkins
  • Art Director
    Ted Lovett
  • Senior Producer
    Sharmin Jackson
  • Motion Designers
    James Mathias and Dylan McIntyre