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Toyota Brand Experience

  • Berlin
  • – Brand experience
  • – Video
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This was a unique, multi-screen experience for the 2014 Toyota European Retailers meeting in Tempelhof, Berlin, attended by 3,000 guests over two days.

The set consisted of a 55 metre ‘car-walk’, populated by 16 double-sided automated screens. Content for 8 separate reveal sections was choreographed to match each unique set of screen movements. These served to highlight the unique features of new models and future vehicles, and to delight the audience in this breath-taking theatre.

As this was a closed event with a majority of concept vehicles, footage of the event is limited.

  • Client
    Hooper Productions for Jack Morton
  • Video Designer and Director
    Kate Dawkins
  • Motion Designers
    Martin Stacey, Mark Lindner and Paul Kerr
  • Music
    Benji Merrison
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