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Festival of Remembrance 23

  • London
  • – Commemorative event
  • – Projection and video
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Creative storytelling and bold and brave video design were called on for the BBC’s annual Festival of Remembrance, held at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

Our brief was “be bold, be brave”. Working closely with long standing collaborators BBC Studio Events to distill the key components of each sequence. KDS then worked out how these thoughts and ideas could feed into the design to create an emotionally meaningful experience for the audience.

The opening performance began in a bold new way, beginning with a drumming rendition of the iconic James Bond theme. Inspired by kinetic light structures and the movement of the drummers. KDS designed a 3 dimensional drum shaped environment and drumstick shaped lighting that gave the illusion of a hollow RAH floor.

In homage to the Windrush Generation, Mica Paris accompanied by the Soul Sanctuary Choir performed “so strong”. Mirroring the emotional power of the track, the projection visuals immersed the audience in a mix of powerful colour influenced by the Caribbean, light effects and curated archive photography.

The Invictus sequence aimed to shine a light on the importance of the power of rehabilitation. Featuring spoken word from Invictus athletes and dance by inclusive dance company Stopgap. Drum and bass duo Sigma and Morgan performed “adrenaline rush”, the iconic string riff sampled from the Verve’s “bittersweet symphony” was performed by the BBC orchestra.

Projections and dance choreography were syncronised with steadicam and overhead eagle camera positions. The animation was designed to create a sense interaction between the dancers and the visuals, the graphics appeared to “power up” the dancers as they moved to the high energy rhythm to the track.

Performance, narrative, music, lighting and projection all combined seamlessly to give the ceremony a new, fresh, perspective.

  • Production
    BBC Studios Events
  • Video Designer and Director
    Kate Dawkins
  • Senior Producer
    Sharmin Jackson
  • Motion Designers
    Alex Blomeley, Tim Cowie and Alex Beaumont