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Platinum Jubilee Opening

  • London
  • – Commemorative event
  • – Projection mapping
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Lighting up Buckingham Palace and opening the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations

For the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, beacons where lit across the UK to open the weekends celebrations. This built up to the principle beacon being lit in the grounds of Buckingham Palace which was observed by Prince William and VIP’s. Our brief was to create a memorable television moment for audiences around the country featuring projections of the Queen onto Buckingham Palace.

Using projection mapping we designed a sequence that enhanced the iconic architecture of Buckingham Palace through combination of bold colour, graphic outline and graceful particles that danced across the facade. The sequence reached a finale with composition of 7 images of the Queen through the decades.

Working closely with Creative Technologies to ensure we had a precise UV map of the palace, we took that into 3D pre visualisation to ensure sightlines and perspectives would fall correctly for live broadcast cameras, gathered press and ultimately TV audiences. In collaboration with the BBC archive team we sourced the best material to populate our design. Our preparation and close work with CT meant that we could troubleshoot any key issues before we arrived onsite and could easily support a very busy BBC Studio Events team.

The final moment was a triumph, scored and sung by Gregory Porter, the palace was lit up for the world to see live on BBC One. A beautiful tribute and moment to reflect before the weekend of national events and parties kicked off.

That Principal Beacon moment evolved so quickly over the final days and your creativity and ambition helped to achieve a spectacular moment that I’ll never forget…..

10 years ago the beacon moment was 2 minutes at the end of the concert, and this time thanks to you it was a highlight of a historic weekend.

Chris Bower, Series Producer, BBC Studios – Events

  • Client
    BBC Studios Events
  • Video Designer and Director
    Kate Dawkins
  • Senior Producer
    Sharmin Jackson
  • Motion Designer
    Alex Beaumont